Wrist Pain from Tenosynovitis

The tendons in the body are covered with a special sheath. This covering helps to protect the tendons and allows them to be bathed in a fluid that lubricates them when performing their normal functions. Inflammation of the tendons is a common problem and causes pain and potential disability. This article addresses a specific wrist […]

Can Conservative Care Help Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common problem. It has been reported that the frequency of the problem in the United States occurs in up to 150 cases per 1000 people per year. There are some occupations where the incidence of CTS could be even higher per 1000 people. The frequency in Great Britain has […]

What is Delaying my Recovery

Most uncomplicated neck and back problems resolve in a relatively short period of time. However, not every injury or spinal problem recovers quickly. This article addresses some common causes and reasons why some patients seem to respond slower than expected when recovering from neck and back injuries. In most of the cases where there is […]

Do I Have Shoulder Bursitis?

Bursitis is an inflammation of the sac that generates the fluid protecting muscles during movement. Shoulder bursitis is a common problem for both men and women. Many of the muscles around the shoulder joint have bursa that lubricate and cushion the muscles so they can function without friction and pain. What is a Bursa? A […]

Am I Getting Enough Magnesium?

Magnesium’s role in human health seems to be more complex than health care providers previously understood. The benefits to the body reach further than what was initially recognized. There are numerous biological processes occurring in our body that require the presence of adequate magnesium. Magnesium is responsible for over three hundred biological and chemical reactions […]

Vitamin D3 and Multiple Sclerosis

Research continues on the use of vitamin D3 in preventing and treating multiple sclerosis (MS). Studies are promising. The Congress of European Committee for the Treatment and Research of Multiple Sclerosis reported that vitamin D is an important environmental factor in the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Dr. George Ebers reported that a significant decrease occurred […]

Pumpkin Seeds are Good for You

Pumpkin seeds provide many health benefits to our body. They are a good source of high-quality protein; 100 grams provide over 50% of our daily protein recommendation. They are also a delicious source of minerals, vitamins, fiber and the all important antioxidants. This article discusses the many nutritional benefits pumpkin seeds provide. Health Benefits of […]

Neck and Upper Back Pain From Knitting

Knitting has been used for relaxation, passing time while waiting, helping with stress management and practical for families all describe this past time. The popularity of knitting has been increasing. Those who are serious about knitting are well aware of the “community” of knitters. Knitting circles and clubs are like coffee shops, knitting while socializing […]

Can I See a Chiropractor After an Epidural?

A question we hear from patients who are about to receive an epidural injection for lower back and leg pain is “can I have chiropractic adjustments after the injection”? The simple answer is yes. The chiropractic treatment in concert with the injection may provide greater relief from lower back and leg pain. This article gives a brief […]

Failed Back or Post Surgical Lower Back Syndrome

There are occasions where lower back surgery may be necessary for an injured disc or stenosis of the spinal canal. Statistics demonstrate that a reoccurrence of lower back pain within 5 years post surgical is not uncommon. Research has shown that between 5 and 30% of post-surgical patients experience recurrent lower back pain. A large […]

My Knees Hurt Going Up Steps

A common knee complaint often seen in the office is knee pain when going up or down steps. This includes walking on any incline or decline that has to be traversed. A very frequent knee condition that contributes to these complaints is called Chondromalacia Patella. This condition may lead to a disruption of daily activities or […]

I Have Injured a Meniscus in My Knee, Now What?

Injury and aging are two contributing factors that put stress, wear and tear on the meniscus of the knee joint. Injuring the knee from work or sport can accelerate the degenerative process to the joint. As we age, there is a normal but gradual degenerative change in all our joints. The gradual process allows the […]