I Have Injured a Meniscus in My Knee, Now What?

Injury and aging are two contributing factors that put stress, wear and tear on the meniscus of the knee joint. Injuring the knee from work or sport can accelerate the degenerative process to the joint. As we age, there is a normal but gradual degenerative change in all our joints. The gradual process allows the […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is common in distance runners or athletes that significantly increase their training schedule. The repetitive flexion and extension of the knee when running or cycling can cause friction on the outside of the knee. It’s this action that inflames the tendon causing the pain and snapping consistent with the iliotibial band (ITB) […]

I’ve Pulled my Hamstring Muscle, Now What?

This article addresses the cause(s), symptoms, treatment and expected results of injuring the hamstring muscle. Injury to the hamstring muscle is commonly thought of as only sports related, granted the largest number arise from sport. Hamstring injuries have been in many cases mischaracterized in the senior patient. This article addresses the cause(s), symptoms, treatment and […]

Shin Splints and the Athlete

A common problem with some young athletes is the development of “shin splints”. Shin splints are also known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). This condition can be extremely painful and limit athletic participation. If not treated, the entire sport season may be lost. Shin splints isn’t limited to the young athlete, but can affect the older […]

Exercises For The Hip Joint

The hip joint is formed by the pelvic bones and the femur or upper leg bone. The hip joint is called a ball-and-socket joint. The femur has a ball shaped end that fits into a cup formed by the pelvic bones. This configuration along with strong ligaments makes the hip joint very sturdy. Muscles attach […]

What is Causing My Elbow Pain

A common cause of elbow pain occurs from repetitive recreational or work activities using the forearm. For example, tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis and golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis are two common complaints that produce elbow problems and limit activities with the injured arm. Osteoarthritis is discussed as a condition that results from repetitive or significant prior elbow injuries. This article […]

Upper Back Pain

There are many causes of upper back pain, but one problem that often escapes detection is a bursitis problem under the scapula or shoulder blade. Many times this is a source of chronic and episodic flare-up pain that can be disabling from work or sport. The condition may become acute with trauma or an event […]

Can I Get Bursitis in my Knee?

The simple answer is yes. The knee joint is very complex and stress is continually placed upon it during our daily activities. It has been reported to be one of the most common sites for inflamed bursa in the body. The purpose of bursa around joints is to lubricate the muscles and tendons when they […]

What is Spondylolisthesis?

Lower back pain (LBP) affects up to 80% of the population. There are many causes that contribute to lower back pain. One condition causing back pain is spondylolisthesis (spondy-low-liss-thesis). This can occur at anytime during one’s life. It is essentially the slipping forward of one vertebra on the other. The most common area for this […]

Chiropractic Care For Spondylolisthesis

Chiropractic treatment for spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis provides the patient with a conservative option for treatment of their back pain. The methods of treatment can vary, but the clinician must first determine if the spondylolisthesis is stable or unstable. This ultimately determines the course of initial treatment. The doctor will obtain a history and perform an […]

Painful Heel and Arch

Heel and arch pain are the most common foot complaints of individuals over the age of 40. The group that most commonly experiences heel and arch pain consist of middle-aged women. In addition, active athletes and people working on hard surfaces or walking great distances are susceptible to plantar fascitis and developing heel spurs or […]

Caring for an Ankle Sprain after a Sport Injury

Anyone who participates in sports understands at some time they will have an injury. Not only do ankle injuries happen to professional, college and high school athletes but also to the week-end athlete. This article addresses ankle injuries to the “week-end warrior”. The most common sprain injury to the ankle is the lateral or outside […]