Should I Use Ice or Heat?

There is sometimes confusion about the right time to use ice or heat when treating an injury or condition. When used properly these methods can greatly improve the outcome of an injury by helping to control swelling and inflammation and to promote tissue healing and repair. This can help achieve less pain intensity and increase […]

Choosing a Backpack for Hiking

Hiking has become increasingly popular. Taking a hike can be as simple as walking a short distance through the park or a recreational area. However, the purpose of this article is to help prepare the distance hiker in choosing and fitting a backpack to minimize the potential of back injury. Improper fit or improper size […]

Lower Back Braces

Doctors who treat lower back injuries are sometimes asked by their patients if they should wear a lower back brace or support during treatment, at work or indefinitely. When braces were first used for lower back pain, it was thought that it would help to stabilize the back and prevent further injury. This is the […]