How Can I Dispose of Outdated Medicine Safely?

This question arises periodically in doctor’s offices when patients ask about using prior pain medication prescriptions left over from old injuries. There are many unused and outdated bottles of drugs and prescriptions in medicine cabinets in our homes. As drugs age, potency of the medicine is lost. Unfortunately, there remains a danger to all of […]

Prostate Cancer and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A study performed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington and also reported by the American Cancer Society has not only made some headlines, but has come under withering criticism by several groups and the medical community. The study reported a link between ingestion of Omega-3 fatty acids and increased risk of prostate cancer. […]

Why are Opioids so Dangerous?

Opioids have been used to control acute and chronic pain for many hundreds of years. The name is from Opium Poppy plants. Opium and its derivatives became more popular in our society during the mid-19th century. Morphine was an early derivative of opium. It was addictive then as it is at present. Oxycodone was developed in the […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever wondered why you feel so “down in the dumps,” have “the winter blues,” or feel just plain depressed during the winter months? There is a reason; it is called “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD). It is a real condition with real consequences and problems. The condition occurs during the late fall and winter […]

Snow Shoveling Safety

It is inevitable that those of us living far enough north or south of the equator deal with snow accumulation. The reduction of back pain and how we can move snow safely is the purpose of this article. Numerous times throughout late fall to early spring patients present to the office with back pain as […]

Health and Sleep

Investigating sleep problems and how they can affect the body is becoming an increasing area of interest and study in health care. There are many published studies on how the human body reacts to lack of sleep. Several articles on this website deal with sleep issues. However, scientists have now discovered more about how the […]

The Dangers of Dehydration

Most people who suffer from dehydration are not aware they are becoming dehydrated until the effects have reached a serious level. With dehydration, more water is moving out of your cells and out of your body than the amount of water you are consuming. It can have sudden and severe effects, but it can also […]

Lifting and Lower Back Pain

Improper lifting is a common cause of lower back pain (LBP). This can strike anyone at anytime. Patients are seen on a daily basis who have hurt themselves while lifting. This can occur at work, home or during recreational activities. It has been reported that 80% of the population at some stage in their life […]

Preparing For Fall Yard Clean Up

Preparing our yards or cleaning the shed or garage for the winter months presents us with additional activities that seem to bring on back or neck pain. It can be a new injury or a flare-up of an old problem. Nevertheless taking a few minutes to prepare yourself before you begin your task can save […]

Can I Improve my Balance?

As people age they may notice that their balance seems to become more of a problem to maintain. Statistics have shown that the elderly fall far more often than any other age group except for children learning to walk. Falling is far more troublesome for seniors as it can produce serious injuries such as hip […]

Balance and Aging

As we age, our balance and equilibrium gradually get worse. This can result in seniors prone to losing their balance and falling. Vertigo (dizziness) is the feeling you get when you have the sensation as if you or the room are spinning. It has been reported that in the United States nearly one-third of seniors […]

Swiss Ball Exercises For Seniors

As we age, the loss of muscle strength, flexibility, lung and heart function, and decreasing bone strength are a reality. Exercising by seniors seems to be decreasing for various reasons. These may include pain, lack of confidence, or lack of proper instruction and education. A very simple and easy method to improve body strength, balance, […]