Neck Pain and the Recliner Chair

A common complaint that is heard from patients in the office is reoccurring neck pain and stiffness after watching TV or taking a nap in a recliner chair. Why does this happen? There are several reasons for this complaint and some will be presented in this article as well as some suggestions given to prevent […]

Twenty First Century Health Care

(Integrated, Progressive, Amazing) By Janet Izzo, RN What would the country doctors of yesteryear say if they could see us now? Would those old time heroes who drove horse and buggy (over hill and dale) to visit their patients be amazed at our progress? I think they would. And rightly so!The antiquated home remedies of the nineteenth […]

How Do Probiotics Help Me?

Probiotics have been around for many years. It was not until the earlier part of the first decade of this century that the study and evaluation of probiotics has accelerated. Many claims have been made, but what are the benefits of probiotics to your health and your family? What are the dangers? Are all probiotics […]

Tech Neck

Neck and upper back pain have become more common with the use of high tech communication equipment. Have you noticed that everywhere you go people are using their smart phones, iPads or other devices to text or read? People are using their devices in coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, and even walking down the street. […]

Recovery From Pain: A Joint Alliance with Counselors and Chiropractic Care

Do you need a new approach to easing your pain? My name is Vicki Langemo, LPC, MA a licensed professional counselor. I have written this article because of the personal experience I have had with the results of combining my counseling of patients and chiropractic care. Counselors and Chiropractors Join Forces to Give You Pain […]

Snow Shoveling Safety

It is inevitable that those of us living far enough north or south of the equator deal with snow accumulation. The reduction of back pain and how we can move snow safely is the purpose of this article. Numerous times throughout late fall to early spring patients present to the office with back pain as […]

Yoga and Your Health

Yoga involves more than just learning different poses and getting into funny looking postures. It can be very beneficial to your health. Not only does it help you relax and reduce stress, but it assists with breathing and a sense of whole body wellbeing. If you are considering yoga, working with an experienced teacher is recommended and it […]