How Should I Select a Pair of Work Shoes

Picking out a pair of everyday or work shoes isn’t something to worry about is it? Wrong! The proper shoe will give the support required to put less strain on the joints of the lower extremities, pelvis and spine. A poor shoe fit and support increases strain on the joints but also may compromise good […]

Working From Home – Who Benefits From This Arrangement?

Opportunities for working at home have grown as computer and web technology have expanded. Just one or two days a week at home may increase employee productivity. There are many benefits for the employee as well as the employer for this arrangement. The purpose of this article is to outline the benefits of working at […]

Posture At The Computer

Technology is changing rapidly in our culture. More and more companies are allowing workers to be at home using their computers and interfacing with others at work or a company client. Work posture is important for many reasons, not only at the job site, but at home. Poor posture results in increased headaches, neck pain […]

Stretching Exercises for the Neck and Upper Back

This article outlines a few basic stretches for the Neck and Upper Back. These stretches are meant to provide you with some daily stretching activity that can provide relief for stiffness and tightness in the muscles and joints. Basic stretching exercises are easy to perform and the results can be helpful in controlling intermittent neck and upper back […]

Lower Back Braces

Doctors who treat lower back injuries are sometimes asked by their patients if they should wear a lower back brace or support during treatment, at work or indefinitely. When braces were first used for lower back pain, it was thought that it would help to stabilize the back and prevent further injury. This is the […]